Core. MouseManager

MouseManager It's the mouse and touch interactive manager.

The mouse event stream includes the capture phase, the target phase, and the bubbling phase. Capture phase: at this stage, the engine starts with stage and recursively detects stage and its child objects until it finds the hit target object or misses any object;
Target phase: find hit target object;


new MouseManager()


(static) enabled :Boolean

Whether to open the mouse test, defaults to true

(static) instance :MouseManager

(static) multiTouchEnabled :Boolean

Do you open multi touch?

_event :Event

disableMouseEvent :Boolean

Disable mouse event detection except stage?.

mouseDownTime :Number

Time pressed by mouse. Unit per millisecond.
Default Value:
  • 0

mouseMoveAccuracy :Number

Mouse movement accuracy.
Default Value:
  • 2

mouseX :Number

Mouse X coordinates on canvas.
Default Value:
  • 0

mouseY :Number

Mouse Y coordinates on canvas.
Default Value:
  • 0



Perform event processing.