UI. UIEvent

UIEvent Class is used to define the event type of the UI component class.


new UIEvent()



(static) HIDE_TIP :String

Default Value:
  • "hidetip"

(static) SHOW_TIP :String

Default Value:
  • "showtip"

altKey :Boolean

Indicates whether the Alt key is active (true) or inactive (false).
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charCode :Boolean

A character code value that contains keys pressed or released. The character code value is the English keyboard value.
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ctrlKey :Boolean

Indicates whether the Ctrl key is active (true) or inactive (false).
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currentTarget :Sprite

Event currently bubbling object.
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delta :int

Sliding increment of roller
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keyCode :int

Keyboard value
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keyLocation :uint

The position of the key on the keyboard. This is very useful for distinguishing keys that appear repeatedly on the keyboard.
For example, you can distinguish the left Shift key and the right Shift key based on the value of this property: the left Shift key is KeyLocation.LEFT, and the right Shift key is KeyLocation.RIGHT. Another example is to distinguish between the standard keyboard (KeyLocation.STANDARD) and the numeric key pressed on the numeric keypad (KeyLocation.NUM_PAD).
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nativeEvent :Object

Native browser events.
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shiftKey :Boolean

Indicates whether the Shift key is active (true) or inactive (false).
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stageX :Number

The X axis coordinates of the mouse on the Stage
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stageY :Number

The Y axis coordinates of the mouse on the Stage
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target :Sprite

Event object.
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touches :Array

Touch point list.
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touchId :int

The unique identification number assigned to the touch point (as int).
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type :String

Event type.
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setTo(type, currentTarget, target) → {Event}

Set event data.
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Name Type Description
type String Event type.
currentTarget Sprite Event object.
target Sprite Event currently bubbling object.
Return to current Event Object.


Prevents all event listeners in the subsequent node of the current node in the event stream from processing. This method does not affect any event listeners in the current node (currentTarget).
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