UI. Styles

Styles Defines the style attributes commonly used by components.


new Styles()


(static) buttonLabelColors :Array

Button label color.

Format: [upColor,overColor,downColor,disableColor] .

(static) buttonStateNum :int

The number of states of the button skin, which supports the three state values of the 1,2,3.
Default Value:
  • 3

(static) comboBoxItemColors :Array

Drop-down box item color.

Format: [overBgColor,overLabelColor,outLabelColor,borderColor,bgColor] .

(static) defaultSizeGrid :Array

Default box information.
  • ui.AutoBitmap#sizeGrid

(static) inputLabelPadding :Array

Label margins.

Format: [上边距,右边距,下边距,左边距] .

(static) labelPadding :Array

Label margins.

Format: [上边距,右边距,下边距,左边距] .

(static) scrollBarDelayTime :int

Long press the button, wait for time so that it can activate the continuous scroll.
Default Value:
  • 500

(static) scrollBarMinNum :int

Minimum value of scroll bar.
Default Value:
  • 15